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Hi there, I'm Vinay, an independent Consultant Lead Software Engineer from Gurugram, Haryana, India

Vinay helps organizations deliver faster and more reliable experiences to their customers. Vinay is full-stack developer and architect with experience in various technologies—including the entire Microsoft stack .NET Framework, .NET Core, Microservices, Azure, Aws, NodeJs, Python, MongoDb, and front-end technologies (Angular and React). He also has a great hands on experience in the design and optimization of systems. Vinay is an “Movers & Shakers – I Made A Difference” award-winning developer, an individual contributor, and Lead Engineer for PureSoftware.

With over 10+ years of professional experience, and more than two years working as an independent consultant, I have been trusted by the likes of the Aristocrat, PureSoftware, and many more. Through combinations of coding, training, development, support, and consultancy, I have helped my clients to build and scale resilient, performance full-stack systems for a variety of different applications.

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Vipul Yadav

Vinay is one of the Lead Engineer for our project and possesses strong technical skills. He is able to independently lead complex software development activities. Vinay is well experienced in building and working on cloud applications and writing code is something that he totally loves doing (which is clearly reflected in his work). Besides this, Vinay really comes across as a calm and cool personality, someone who is really easy to get along with. All in All, a savy programmer and a good team player!!!

Pravinder Singh

Vinay a dedicated person I have ever seen. work with a great soul . Always had an efficient strategy lined up to make work go smoothly and was excellent in communicating his ideas to the rest of the team. I learner from him a lots of coding skills even I am not in the development team.

Nitin Vashishtha

Vinay is a great employee he is attentive and always to willing to help out a fellow teammate or individual. He ends up with a wealth of knowledge in everything he touches. A quick learner that not only makes himself better, but the people surrounding him. He has excellent rapport with customers and his long experience gives him tremendous credibility. It was a pleasure to work with Vinay and hope to do it again one day.